RNAi Industrial Park
  Introduction of RNAi Industrial Park

Advantage of Geography

  Research Superiority
  Resident Superiority
  Resident Ventures
  Relative Service
RNAi Industrial Park>>Resident Superiority
Why chooes Kunshan and YRD region?
  • The proximity to clients
  • A transparent regulatory framework
  • A transparent and efficiency government
  • A large number sub-supplier globally
  • Good logistics solution
  • Access to qualified stuff
  • The regions dynamic business environment from Shanghai and its surrounding
  • Access to international information
Speed up your project development and entering the market in China
  • You make your decision ĘC we do the restOur professional team will help you to get all information, to register and to go through all the process of regulation entering in China
  • For innovative biotechs or small sized companies, there is funding available to help your start up in China
  • Service for Regulation and product registration
  • Easy access to angel, venture, Capital development
  • Our business development will help you to identify your right partners in China
  • Your IP right is protected - The first IP court is established by Kunshan government in China
  • The government has favorable policy but we will help you to gain the support.Low cost for operation, high standard service and high speed development